Our Payment Plan

    1. Land Payment
  • We require 30% upfront deposit of the land cost only, when the contract is signed.
  • Or any other deposit and payment plan that suits the both client & the KM Affordable Homes.
  • 36-42 months payment plan for the rest of the payment on monthly basis on interest free instalments.
  • Special price is offered for 100% upfront Land payment.

  • 2. Development Payment
  • Development cost is payable on three Instalments starting from when the development starts up to completion date i.e. 2021. (approximate cost is $30,000-$40,000.
  • The expected land release date is December 2021. [Development – means the development to be constructed on the development site by installing and constructing roads, footpaths, sewerage and drainage, water supply, stormwater drainage, connection with electricity & gas. The Development Cost does not include building a house.]

  • 3. Booking Process
  • In order to book a land, a client is required to make a payment of $5000.00. This payment is non-refundable in case of booking cancelation.
  • Once the contract paper is signed this payment will be adjusted with your administration fees. [Once a client made a booking, he will be given 4 weeks period of time to sign the contract. If the contract is to be signed after 4 weeks, then the instalment payment period will start from the day when the 4 weeks period is concluded.]


For more information and further inquiries please contact our office on 1300 369 892 or email us on sales@kmaffordablehomes.com.au