KM Affordable Homes - How To Buy

Process to purchase a block of Land from KM Affordable Homes

1. Select the lot you want to buy.

2. Provide duly filled in and signed Registration form, with a valid proof of identification to us.

3. Pay the holding deposit of $5000 for each lot you want to purchase

4. You have 7 days from the day of paying deposit to decide if you are going to purchase the lot/s

5. If you decide not to go ahead with the purchase within 7 days your deposit will be refunded

6. If you decide to purchase the lot, then the initial deposit of 30% (approximately $21000) of land cost must be paid within first 4 weeks for the legal exchange of the contract.

7. The remaining 70% of the total amount can be paid in monthly instalments. Special price is offered for 100% upfront Land payment


For more information and further inquiries please contact our office on 1300 369 892 or email us on